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Luhan, Luhan and Luhan! ! ! !

why so serious - luhan

who has the worst sleeping habit in exo?

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Kailu hitting each other while laughing

luhan’s ‘ahn naesang’ smile

the girlfriend question

[NEWS] Luhan showed an innocent charm for the entire (Beatles Code) recording. The MC joked that in Korea, they have to talk about their first kiss experience on their first variety show and Luhan asked dazedly, “really?”


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Luhan’s Kwiyomi 

Luhan’s Kwiyomi 

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srsly judging u if you’re still not a lukai shipper

kailu is so beautiful

Clarification: Luhan on Beatles Code


(I can’t believe I have to do this but after nearly 100 questions I can’t think of any other way.)

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Luhan’s Performance at the Asian Dream Cup


Official Commentary

-“The one who just came on for team China, Luhan, in the #29 jersey, is a Chinese member of Korean entertainment company SM’s new boy group. Born in Beijing, 90-liner. April 20th.”

-“Luhan should join the Chinese soccer team.”

-“Star Team China’s two most dangerous attacks today both came from Luhan.”

-“That was a great pass from Luhan, he passed it behind the opposing player.”

-(When Luhan was going for the goal) “He can’t score this one, he can’t! If he does next season he’ll be recruited to the Shanghai Shenhua FC!”

Miscellaneous Comments

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